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Clinical Trials

Find a Clinical Trial

There are a number of different web-based resources where people can search for clinical trials. We are proud to offer the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance Clinical Trials Matching Service in partnership with EmergingMed.

This one-stop service provides a comprehensive yet simplified system for women to find and link to clinical trial options for ovarian cancer. The Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance Clinical Trials Matching Service is available by telephone at (800) 535-1682 or by clicking here.

EmergingMed operates the nation’s largest cancer clinical trials matching and referral service. More than 60,000 cancer patients have been prescreened and referred to its database of more than 7,000 cancer clinical trials, which also includes all of the trials featured in the National Cancer Institute’s clinical trials database.

The Ovarian Cancer National Research Clinical Trials Matching Service provides information on current clinical trials in the United States and Canada. Women can customize their searches based on a range of criteria that includes the specific ovarian cancer type, stage, treatment history and place where she can enroll. A Clinical Trial Specialist will be assigned to each caller to guide her through her confidential search.

Types of Clinical Trials

A woman is eligible to participate in a clinical trial at any point in her experience with ovarian cancer. Many women think of clinical trials as an option only after other treatments have failed. Clinical trials exist for women in this situation, but many equally important trials are available for women earlier in their fight against ovarian cancer.

Clinical trials are fundamental to the discovery of new and better therapies in the fight against ovarian cancer. Through participation in a clinical trial, patients have the chance to receive the latest and most innovative investigational medicines that experts think might improve their cancer. Clinical trials are important options for all patients at all stages of their disease and treatment. If you’re hesitant about clinical trials, read our Clinical Trials Myths and FAQs and view this helpful presentation. Learn more about finding a Clinical Trial.